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Dr. K Serves TVUSD to...

1 - Defend Parental Rights: No Mandates

Parent's rights have been revoked and ignored. I will advocate strongly for family rights and our children's rights regarding their safety and education. I will stand against unnecessary school mandates that harm families.

2 - Fight for Excellence in Education & Proper Curriculum: No to CRT & CSE

Inappropriate social and political ideologies are being forced into the schools in our district. I will fight for an age-appropriate curriculum, in the educational setting, and the removal of concepts that have no bearing on proper health and education: No to CRT and CSE. Furthermore, I will stand for total transparency and accountability to the public to ensure this outcome. 

3 - Reduce Harmful Radiation - Excessive RF-EMF Exposure to Students & Staff

I will advocate for better radiation safety for our kids, and all school staff, so that harmful EMFs emitted from 4G-5G technology are mitigated. I will also advocate for less Wi-Fi technology in the classrooms and safer fiber optic technology instead.


I am an expert in the field of radiation, and I have also written my Doctoral Dissertation, using applied ethics, arguing against the further implementation of 5G technology, because of the harmful EMFs associated with it and the 4G technology we already have. 

Learn more about kids and Wi-Fi in schools by scrolling to the third video down below.


Let's join together to protect our children and school staff.

What Is Critical Race Theory? | 5 Minute Video

What Is Critical Race Theory? | 5 Minute Video

Have you heard of Critical Race Theory? If you haven’t, you will. It’s coming to a high school, college, or workplace diversity training session near you. What do you need to know about it, and what can you do to stop it? FOLLOW PragerU! Facebook: 👉 Twitter: 👉 Instagram: 👉 SUBSCRIBE 👉 To view the script, sources, quiz, visit: Join PragerU's text list! Do you shop on Amazon? Click and a percentage of every Amazon purchase will be donated to PragerU. SHOP! Love PragerU? Visit our store today! Script: Have you heard about Critical Race Theory? I'm guessing you probably have. It has already insinuated itself into many institutions and is making rapid progress into others. If it takes hold, it will completely change the very nature of America and the way you live. Critical Race Theory holds that the most important thing about you is your race. The color of your skin. That's who you are. Not your behavior. Not your values. Not your environment. Your race. In Critical Race Theory, if you are a member of a "minoritized" racial group—their term, not mine—you are a victim of a system that is rigged against you, a system that doesn't want you to succeed. On the other hand, if your race is "privileged," you're an exploiter—whether you intend to be or not. Critical Race Theory begins from the assumption that racism occurs in all interactions. To see how this works, consider this thought experiment: Imagine you own a shop, and two customers enter at the same time—one white and one black. Who do you help first? If you help the black person first, Critical Race Theory would say you did so because you don't trust black people to be left alone in your store. That's racist. If you helped the white person first instead, Critical Race Theory would say you did so because you think blacks are second-class citizens. That's racist, too. That's Critical Race Theory. It can find racism in anything, even if it has to read your mind to do it. Critical Race Theory is a uniquely American invention. Brewed up at Harvard Law School in the ‘70s, now part of the academic and media mainstream, it is also uniquely un-American because it rejects the core tenets of the American, classically liberal, Judeo-Christian value system. It turns the bedrock American idea upside down. Here it is in the words of Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic, two leading proponents: "Critical Race Theory questions the very foundations of the liberal order, including equality theory, legal reasoning, Enlightenment rationalism, and the neutral principles of constitutional law." It does this because Critical Race Theory proponents assume racism is present everywhere and always, and they look for it "critically" until they find it. And they always find it. It has to be there because that's how the imperial European powers, and then America, set things up.   Here, as in all dangerous academic theories, there is a kernel of truth. Human beings were not preoccupied with race until the 16th century when Europeans began to explore and then colonize other parts of the world. Drawing distinctions between the races reached its peak in the 19th century with the widespread use of slave labor in North and South America.   No one denies this. But since then, the Western world and, most especially, America has spent a lot of time, money, and blood breaking free of its racist past. It's been a rocky road, for sure, but great progress has been made.  Critical Race Theory says all this progress is a mirage: racism never died—never even faded a little bit. It just hid itself better. Critical Race Theory, therefore, is not a continuation of the Civil Rights Movement. It is, in fact, a repudiation of it. To Critical Race theorists, Martin Luther King was both wrong and naïve. White Americans can never judge blacks by the content of their character. They can only judge them, always unfavorably—consciously or unconsciously, by the color of their skin. Ironically, not since the Aryan obsession in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s, or South African Apartheid in the second half of the 20th century, has a social movement been so obsessed with race. Critical Race Theory is, then, in a very real sense, a counter-American Revolution. But that's a positive, not a negative, to those who subscribe to the theory. The American experiment was given a 400-year try-out, and it doesn't work. So let's scrap it. That's what they believe. Is that what you believe? I'm going to guess that most of you don't. For the complete script visit
"The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation" -- Dr Devra Davis

"The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation" -- Dr Devra Davis

"The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation: what we know, what we need to find out, and what you can do now" Presented by Dr Devra Davis, Visiting Professor of Medicine at the Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School, and Visiting Professor of Medicine at Ondokuz Mayis University, Turkey. The Lecture What are the health effects of mobile phones and wireless radiation? While Australia has led the world in safety standards, including compulsory seat-belt legislation, plain packaging on cigarettes, and product and food disclosure legislation, it falls behind in addressing the significant issues associated with mobile phone use. In this Dean’s Lecture, epidemiologist and electromagnetic radiation expert, Dr Devra Davis, will outline the evolution of the mobile phone and smartphone, and provide a background to the current 19 year old radiation safety standards (SAR), policy developments and international legislation. New global studies on the health consequences of mobile/wireless radiation will be presented, including children’s exposure and risks. The Speaker Dr Devra Davis is an internationally recognised expert on electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and other wireless transmitting devices. She is currently the Visiting Professor of Medicine at the Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School, and Visiting Professor of Medicine at Ondokuz Mayis University, Turkey. Dr Davis was Founding Director of the Center for Environmental Oncology at The University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute —­ the first institute of its kind in the world, to examine the environmental factors that contribute to the majority of cases of cancer. In 2007, Dr Devra Davis founded non­profit Environmental Health Trust to provide basic research and education about environmental health hazards. Dr Davis served as the President Clinton appointee to the Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board in the U.S.A. from 1994–­1999, an independent executive branch agency that investigates, prevents and mitigates chemical accidents. As the former Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary for Health in the Department of Health and Human Services, she has counseled leading officials in the United States, United Nations, European Environment Agency, Pan American Health Organization, World Health Organization, and World Bank. Dr Davis holds a B.S. in physiological psychology and an M.A. in sociology from the University of Pittsburgh, 1967. She completed a PhD in science studies at the University of Chicago as a Danforth Foundation Graduate Fellow, 1972 and a M.P.H. in epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins University as a Senior National Cancer Institute Post-­Doctoral Fellow, 1982. She has authored more than 200 publications and has been published in Lancet and Journal of the American Medical Association as well as the Scientific American and the New York Times. Dr Devra Davis is an internationally recognised expert on electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and other wireless transmitting devices.
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Endorsed by: Pastor Jack Hibbs

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