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Bright Gradient


STILL Putting the Rights of

Parents & Children FIRST



Dr. K Serves TVUSD to...

1 - Defend Parental Rights: No Mandates

Parent's rights have been revoked and ignored. I will advocate strongly for family rights and our children's rights regarding their safety and education. I will stand against unnecessary school mandates that harm families.

2 - Fight for Excellence in Education & Proper Curriculum: No to CRT & CSE

Inappropriate social and political ideologies are being forced into the schools in our district. I will fight for an age-appropriate curriculum, in the educational setting, and the removal of concepts that have no bearing on proper health and education: No to CRT and CSE. Furthermore, I will stand for total transparency and accountability to the public to ensure this outcome. 

3 - Reduce Harmful Radiation - Excessive RF-EMF Exposure to Students & Staff

I will advocate for better radiation safety for our kids, and all school staff, so that harmful EMFs emitted from 4G-5G technology are mitigated. I will also advocate for less Wi-Fi technology in the classrooms and safer fiber optic technology instead.


I am an expert in the field of radiation, and I have also written my Doctoral Dissertation, using applied ethics, arguing against the further implementation of 5G technology, because of the harmful EMFs associated with it and the 4G technology we already have. 

Learn more about kids and Wi-Fi in schools by scrolling to the third video down below.


Let's join together to protect our children and school staff.