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From DR. K


I have lived in the wonderful city of Temecula for 3 years now and love our community. I've been married now for over 7 years and have two amazing kids.   


I am running because parents are frustrated by social theories being introduced in the public schools that do not have anything to do with education. They are frustrated with the graphic sexual content in education for younger grade children.  Parents are also frustrated that some teachers in our local elementary schools are telling our younger students that there is no correct definition of sex.  I have seen these occurrences of this with my very own eyes. 


In addition, political theories are also being introduced to our kids, which also have NOTHING to do with a child’s education.  Both of these issues conflict with the traditional American values that we as a community wholeheartedly believe in.  It's time someone stands up for parents who have children in these schools!  


The bottom line for me is that our youth are being impacted negatively, in their current educational settings.  This is evident by seeing mandatory mask mandates placed on them, inappropriate social theories being taught to them, and improper sex education being taught to them under the guise of,  "health education". 

If these reasons are not enough, parental rights and consent for their children, during school time, are quickly being eroded and illegally ignored.  Enough is enough!  Parents, your voice matters, and I will make sure your voice is heard.  I will also fight to protect all of our children and school staff from harmful EMFs resulting from the current 4G and the imminent implementation of 5G technology. 


I will educate our school district to make this invisible problem more visible so that we can take appropriate actions necessary to make our learning environment safer.  WIFI technology is a tool that can help aid the educational process, but it is not necessary for a good education, and certainly not its over-usage.  These reasons are precisely why I am running as a candidate here in our town. 


Parents, always remember this: if you're not teaching your kids, someone else is. You want to make sure what is being taught to them, is actually good, safe, and correct. I will stand in place for our kids to make sure what is being taught to them, is not definitely not harming them. My vision is not only to protect my children, but your children as well, and of course our future generations of children to come. 



TVUSD District Boundaries Map Showing Dr. Komrosky's Area

Endorsed by: Pastor Jack Hibbs

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